Spectacular Photographic Opportunities

The sun, the moon, the stars and the planets all create wonderfully impressive photo opportunities. The heavens are always spectacular almost by definition. SHAMOS has a special capability to tell a photographer when the sun will be occupying a precise location in the sky. However SHAMOS is no better than the data put into it. So that an alignment to a location in the sky must be measured with a fairly accurate instrument.

For instance how would a person go about knowing when the sun will be rising right on top of the Washington Monument as seen from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The sun will be very nearly due east from there and if the Washington Monument rises about one degree into the sky then enter into SHAMOS Azimuth: 90 degrees and the Angle of Elevation: 1 degree followed by the year. Since this event has already passed for this year we will enter 2005. So SHAMOS tells us that the sun will be there on March 21, 2005 at 5:53 a.m. EST and on September 21, 2005 a.m. EDT. If the angle of elevation differs from my estimate or the grid north differs greatly from true north, then these dates and times will change. When the position is measured correctly SHAMOS will give the precise time when the sun will be in that location within a few seconds of clock time.

Photographic opportunities involving the sun and moon are limited only by the photographer's imagination. For instance after, a very protracted and difficult session at the state capital a headline might read,

"At Last! Light at the End of the Tunnel at the State Capital"

Of course the picture was taken on a previous occasion for future use. It was accomplished through the facility of SHAMOS by measuring the azimuth and elevation of the long straight through corridor on the ground floor of the building. Once this is measured only one access to SHAMOS is required to return the date and time to take the picture. Around any city there are numerous opportunites for such photos to let the sun and other astronomical events add emphasis or beauty to photography.

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