Every living thing is endowed with a sense of place. Without a sense of place or at least an awareness of a situation of being, it is hard indeed to conceive of an existent life form. Everywhere life is found, it has an adaptation to its evironmental space. As the intelligence of living things expands their sense of place encompasses larger and larger spheres of spatiality. Spatiality in humans is that mentality which applies the attributes of space to mental constructs which are not space i.e. "my son and I are very close though we are separated by many miles." In spatiality our sense of place is first the family constellation but expands thence to community and larger yet to greater social and cultural realms. Astronomy and Astrology are born of this same ilk and for millennia were synonymous. Only after Isaac Newton, could man separate the forces of nature from the forces of personality. This author is not an astrologer but if I were, I would be in good company with some of most illustrious astronomers of all time. Astrology melds space and spaciality such that it expands the sense of place outward into the universe around us. Astronomy does the same thing only on a different footing.

Solarnetics does not do astrology as such. However the SHAMOS program may be very useful to the astrologer. Where astrological ephemerides give celestial positions over many years for each day, they give only one position at 12:00 noon Greenwich time for that day. To derive that position for another given time and place requires extrapolations. With SHAMOS that is all done for the user when he enters into the program the latitude, logitude and time zone. This works for the sun, the moon, the stars and planets without adjustment for place and time.

SHAMOS has other tools that may be helpful for astrology under special circumstances. For the sun, SHAMOS runs solar position formulea backwards. This means that if the sun was observed in a recorded location in the sky, the date and time of the sun in that position is calculated for the user by giving SHAMOS the sun's azimuth and elevation. SHAMOS then returns the time and date for the sun in that position for the given year.

SHAMOS also can help with sunrise for a given location anywhere on earth. Most often sunrise is considered when the sun comes over a flat horizon. For SHAMOS, the horizon may be flat or be the exact profile of itself. This might be helpful. This author knows very little about astrology and can only help with the practical astronomy. There may be other utilities in SHAMOS that have been developed for archaeoastronomy that may also be useful but remember Solarnetics does not do astrology. Where requested SHAMOS can be programmed to answer more specialized needs.

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