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Solarnetics is a company dedicated to the ancient and modern application of practical astronomy. This includes determination of celestial positions of astronomical bodies: the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets plus related routines and utilities to expedite searching for astronomical events. These skills work their way into numerous applications in archaeology, photography, forensic studies, education and software development. Click on the headings in the left margin to explore the many interesting applications.

About Solarnetics

In the beginning the earth was void and there was no software to make the stars, the sun, and the planets move. And Nal said let there be a model. And a model was written and it was bugless. And the model was called SHAMOS and it was good.

SHAMOS (Sky & Horizon Astronomical Model Ordinate Simulator)

SHAMOS is an astronomical model with special routines and utilities written especially for archaeoastronomy. In order for this capability to be in the model it needed characteristics that were not generally available in other astronomy programs:

  1. It needed to go back and forward thousands of years. However SHAMOS uses the Gregorian calender back beyond 1582 to maintain the corrected form of the year back thousands of years. This keeps summer solstice on or near June 21 etc.
  2. It needed special routines that search for events over long spans of time, for instance finding the northernmost azimuthal rise or set of a celestial object or the standstills of the moon. SHAMOS can find the first and last contact to the horizon of the sun's disk.
  3. It needed to be dovetailed/matched with a set of field techniques that deal with measurements in transit coordinates i.e. altitude and azimuth or the horizon system. There are several other routines and utilities that deal with horizons, GPS coordinates, and solar bearings. There is a utility that operates a solar compass which greatly improves on a magnetic compass as long as a shadow of its gnomon is distinct.
Solarnetics has no illusions about SHAMOS, in spite of the biblical passage above. There must be many, many astronomical progams more grandiose than SHAMOS, but it is the special routines and utilities that are built into SHAMOS that make it powerful for special applications. Click on the Topic Headings above to explore the different applications of Solarnetics.

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